Brief thoughts on global trends in 2021.

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The 2020's…

We were promised flying cars, robots, and microwave ovens that ‘self-print’ food like in The Fifth Element.

Instead we have K-Pop, TikTok-ers, and — regardless of the American people’s best effort — Donald Trump will continue to be in the news everyday.

Below I’m going to list out some of the trends in 2021 I see happening in no particular order…

Remote work

COVID expedited the global workforce working from home. What has some of the feedback been…

  • more time without a commute

The outcome… 98% of people would like to continue to work as…

Arrogant douchebags or wealth spreading heroes…

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The rise of the digital nomad started in the early 2000’s with the spread of wifi internet, massive growth of tech startups, and low-cost ease of travel.

Since then — for better or for worse — it has evolved quite a bit…

There was the late 2000’s with the release of Tim Ferris’s bestseller The 4-Hour Workweek which introduced how to outsource your most time-consuming tasks to low-cost admins in SE Asia. Coupled with living on a smaller budget and using the internet for leverage — followers of the book became the next wave of DNs…

However, this mostly…

Fake sponsorships and booty shots galore

surf influencer
surf influencer
Photo by Chris Osmond on Unsplash

Surf influencers — the word is known worldwide — from the beaches of Bali to the mountains of Wyoming.

You can find influencers of every age and preference these days — for every different point of view, on any topic…

  • Organic vs GMO

……I guess Newton’s 3rd law applies to diet as well as physics.

I recently had a friend in Indonesia ask me why there aren’t any Indonesian’s on the WSL’s World Championship Tour. I had to think for a minute but it seemed like a good question. …

What started out as fun and enlightening escapes from daily life — turned into more media consumption than watching the news.

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Ok ‘life’ is a bit of an overstatement…

But podcasts are definitely ruining my productivity.

What started out as a fresh new stream of ideas and intellectual conversation has morphed into … well something no different than the news.

Here are the notifications I woke up to on April 28th…

  • 3hr 33min — Eric Weinstein The Portal

…that’s 8hrs of podcasts!

Now, you don’t have to listen to everything, especially in one day, and of course I didn’t. But I do…

The coronavirus pandemic has taken quite a toll on the Island of the Gods.

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Bali needs more than just our prayers right now…

As the entire world deals with the implications of COVID-19, the effects have different consequences for different parts of the world.

For much of the world living on less than a dollar per day — there is no safety net

Currently, I’m on the east coast of Bali in a town called Keramas — well-known for it’s world-class wave that’s been featured on the World Championship Tour.

Outside of its surf allure — Keramas and the surrounding villages are where some expats still see flickers of ‘the Bali of old’…

Yeah…I’m just over it…

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Times up — I’m choosing to work independently now.

I started to freelance back in 2013 when I first learned to code. It was the allure of freedom, travel, and being my own boss — you know everything you read in the 4 Hour Work Week that made it seem like the dream lifestyle.

And for many years it really was the dream

I had a unique path you can read about on my website Travel Developer.

For the past 7 years, I’ve worked and lived throughout Central America, Bali, Australia, Sri Lanka, the Maldives, Morocco, South Africa, France, Portugal…


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The year’s 2020.

There are no flying cars, no people that live forever, no world peace.

There are people who repeatedly take pictures of themselves to increase their social status, people become famous by being…well…famous, humans are trashing the planet and collapsing ecosystems, tv personalities have become government officials, and if you’re lucky — you get to go to your loved ones funeral via video chat.

Just to get it out of the way — no my Nana did not die of Coronavirus. …

Now more than ever is a time for us Americans to look at the history of our National Parks

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In 2013, a few years after my college graduation, I decided to take a road trip around the continental US.

It was a bit sporadic — only a week after I had come back from a trip to Costa Rica — and I didn’t really have a plan.

I simply packed up a week's worth of clothes, plenty of water and granola bars, and went on my way…

Little did I know, this decision to jump in my Tonka toy of a Toyota Scion and live out of my car for the next 3 months would be one of the…

Running Remote | Bali, June 29th-30th, 2019

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Running Remote

Bali, Indonesia — June 29th & 30th, 2019: Running Remote is the world’s biggest Remote Work conference where remote team building activities are shared from the top remote companies in the world.

The two-day conference will be held at the Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua, a lavish 5-star beachfront resort with gorgeously landscaped pools & gardens against an immaculate stretch of white sand bordering the Indian Ocean.

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Whether you’re a native Spanish speaker and feel more comfortable around otros que hablan español, or you’re looking to learn or brush up on your Spanish from years ago — luckily there are plenty of places around the world to go surfing in Spanish speaking countries.

All around the world, there’s plenty of Spanish speaking coastline with good to epic waves. Go to the homeland of Spain…or the island of Puerto Rico….or…well…ALL of Central America!!!

We’ve gone through our library on Wavetrotter and picked the best places your can go surfing in Spanish speaking countries.

The Top 5 Surfing in Spanish Countries

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