East Bali Needs our Help

The coronavirus pandemic has taken quite a toll on the Island of the Gods.

Phil Manning
4 min readMay 5, 2020



Bali needs more than just our prayers right now…

As the entire world deals with the implications of COVID-19, the effects have different consequences for different parts of the world.

For much of the world living on less than a dollar per day — there is no safety net

Currently, I’m on the east coast of Bali in a town called Keramas — well-known for it’s world-class wave that’s been featured on the World Championship Tour.

Outside of its surf allure — Keramas and the surrounding villages are where some expats still see flickers of ‘the Bali of old’ — before the island became a premier tourist destination.

Walk the beaches here and you’ll still find only local warungs (restaurants), fishermen, and kids running by waving and screaming ‘halo!’

For those of you that have been to Bali before — you know the magic — the majestic cliffs and volcanoes, picture perfect beaches, cheap massages, world-class restaurants, and nightlife second to none.

Most first-timers who visit are so wowed by Bali’s idyllic excellence that they’re ready to spend a lifetime. And those lucky enough to spend enough time in Bali truly know where that excellence comes from…

The magic of the ‘Island of the Gods’ undoubtedly comes from the Balinese people.

There are few spots on this planet where the community is so warm and welcoming with open arms that so many people from all walks of life instantly feel at home.

I’ve been lucky enough to have traveled to many places around the world and know the endless amounts of beautiful beaches, cheap meals, and good waves that exist…

What makes any place truly special are the people that inhabit it.

The Balinese have the warmest smiles, the most genuine care for other people, and a common presence that many around the world pay money trying to attain.

Right now — it’s these same beautiful people that need our help.

The vast majority of us who’ve been so lucky to visit the island, probably haven’t ever known what it means to go hungry. Skipping meals, maybe for a couple of days, living in a hut without proper running water, or a place to cook food.

While this existed even before the pandemic, right now things have gotten far worse…


  • 80% of the island’s GDP comes from tourism with nearly the entire population indirectly dependent on tourism income
  • Bali closed to new tourists since mid-March — only a few tourists left on the island
  • No safety net
  • No stimulus, with little to no government support
  • Pre-pandemic average monthly salary below $300
  • Most people living paycheck to paycheck with little to no savings
  • No end in sight to tourism restrictions (likely many more months)

I’m helping a local foundation in Keramas (Legong Foundation) deliver packages of necessary food to the people most in need.

One package includes…

  • 5kg rice
  • 30 eggs
  • 1 liter of oil
  • 5 packages of noodles

This entire package can feed a family of 4 for about 5 days.

It costs 110,000 Rp or $8 USD


1. Donate

Your donation can be life-changing for a family in need.

For the price of 1 low-end meal in the US, you can provide food for a hungry family of 4 … for almost a week!

2. Share this campaign

If you’re unable to donate or want to contribute to your local community first, I completely understand — but don’t worry you can still help out!

Please share this campaign out to your entire network.

I know there are more than enough people that have fallen in love with the people here and would be more than happy to help out. We need your help getting the word out!


100% of the money will go towards our primary focus: Food & Water.

This money will be given to the Legong Foundation in Keramas to help out directly to families that need it most for food and water.

If we hit our goal we will also move towards providing…

  • Sanitation materials (soap, masks, sanitizer, etc.)
  • Direct support to individuals who have lost their jobs
  • Build a multi-family kitchen
  • Establish a clean water system to rural villages

I will be creating a publicly available spreadsheet to show exactly where every single dollar goes.

If you know the practice of Balinese Hinduism, you know karma plays a big part. If you have some spare money please consider donating, and if you can’t please give us a share. Bali will undoubtedly give back. (or maybe it’s already paid it forward ;)

Suksma (Thank you!) 🙏

PJ Manning



Phil Manning