The Best Conference for Remote Team Building Activities

Running Remote

Bali, Indonesia — June 29th & 30th, 2019: Running Remote is the world’s biggest Remote Work conference where remote team building activities are shared from the top remote companies in the world.

The two-day conference will be held at the Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua, a lavish 5-star beachfront resort with gorgeously landscaped pools & gardens against an immaculate stretch of white sand bordering the Indian Ocean.

Sofitel, Bali, Indonesia

If you’re running a remote team or serious about team building for remote teams, this is the conference for you. Running Remote Conference 2019 is carefully curated to teach you next-level, remote team building strategies and tactics you can utilize the very next day to manage & grow your remote team. This is the conference we’ve been trying to find but until now it didn’t exist. You’ll learn from leaders of: Evernote, Shopify, Dribbble, Doist, Conversio, Mural and many more.

Last year Running Remote had 20 speakers, 16 sponsors, 57 partners and 251 attendees from 35 countries. 73% of attendees were CEO’s/Founders, while 80% said they got what they came for.

EVERYONE who registers at: for the free contest will get a $400 discount on their Running Remote ticket!

Contest Closes: 1 December 2018!!

Some of the speakers include…

  • Dr. Beat Bulhmann; General Manager, Evernote
  • Marcie Murray; Director of Support, Shopify
  • Andrew Warner; Founder, Mixergy
  • Amir Salihefendic; Founder & CEO, Doist
  • Liam Martin; Co-Founder & CMO, Time Doctor & Staff.Com
  • Zack Onisko; CEO, Dribbble.Com
  • Steve Munroe; CEO, Hubud
  • Ilyas Vali; Co-Founder, rLoop
  • plus many more…

If you’re interested in advancing your company into the future of work — Running Remote is by far the leading conference in the world to learn about the best remote team building activities.

Still not sure if it’s the conference for you and your team. Check out this video from last years event…

And let me know if you’ll be going! I’d love to meet up!

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Phil Manning

Phil Manning

Surf | Design | Develop —

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