The Essential Digital Nomad Gear List

What to pack before heading out on your next Digital Nomad experience.

Ok ok not everything is essential 😜

One of the key elements to successfully living the Digital Nomad lifestyle is keeping every aspect of your life organized. Financially, work-wise, logistically, and last but definitely not least — the gear you physically travel with!

There are just as many MUST NOT’s as MUST brings, so think about what you ABSOLUTELY NEED before packing. If it isn’t a need and you can pick it up in another country — leave it behind. Below I’ve listed and provided links to all of the key things I travel with…

*Note: some things completely depend on your lifestyle — for example a surfboard is required in my life ;)


The Tortuga Outbreaker Backpack

Tortuga Backpack — This thing is the boooomb. Made of waterproof sailcloth it’s a perfect DN backpack. A little pricey but well worth it.

Bellroy Travel Wallet — If you’re on the move you’ll have to have your passport with you regularly. I despised having 2 ‘wallets’ — one for cards and money and another little pouch for my passport, airline tickets, etc. This bad boy is a little big but solves that problem.


Lems Boulder Boots

1 dress shirt for going out to a respectable place — Merino wool is my go-to. Light, wrinkle-free, BO-free.

1 pair of nice jeans/khakis

1 lightweight jacket — cold, wet, etc. this will become your best mate. Pick one as lightweight as possible…unless you’re going to Alaska duhhh.

1 pair of ‘travel pants’ — Basically pants that can go through a lot of wear and tear and still look good.

2 pair of amphibian shorts — Waterproof and great everyday shorts

3 pairs of boardshorts (Go less if needed-I’m in the water everyday ;)

6 t-shirts — Whatever you choose here works. Again I suggest merino wool/cool-dri but obviously you’ll want some of your personal favs here.

1 pair of flip-flops

1 pair of lems boots — Epic boots. Lightweight, foldable and stylish. So worth the money invested — I highly suggest.

4 pairs of socks

5 pairs of underwear

1 micro fiber towel — Microfiber dries quickly and most importantly is lightweight and packable.

1 pair of sunglasses

1 hat


Dr Bronner’s soap is a traveler's best friend.

1 toiletry bag

1 travel toothbrush

1 tube of toothpaste

1 grooming kit

1 package of dental floss

1 small bottle of travel soap (shampoo and soap)

1 stick of deodorant

Medical Supplies


Anti-itch cream —If you’re an adventurer this is a must! You will inevitably rub up on some stuff that’s got you itching like crazy!

Neosporin — Magic/science I’m still unsure.

Eyedrops — For those late nights working, partying, or simply getting dirt in your eyes.

Eye mask — The art of napping is quite a skill. This is just a supplement to your acquired skill.


Doctor-prescribed antibiotics — Anything specific to your needs obviously.

Hand sanitizer

Pain/Fever reducer


Macbook Pro — Once you go Mac, you’ll never go back.

Sony Camera — I go Sony but anything will do really.

iPhone 7 — #lifeline

Mini tripod

Wireless headphones

Universal Power adapter

Wireless keyboard and trackpad/mouse — If you’re spending a lot of time at a coworking space or at a desk, having an elevated computer or external screen will help.

Laptop Stand — Good use with the wireless trackpad and mouse. Saves neck strain for long hours on the comp.

Olloclip active — Don’t want to bring another camera? Your iPhone’s camera is probably good enough already. This little thing will boost it’s performance to make sure you’re really grabbing epic pics.

Lifeproof case — This is a must have in my eyes. You can basically treat your stupidly expensive iPhone like a hacky sack.

Kindle — Must have.

Car adapter with USB charging port — If you’re living out of a car/camper for a bit you’ll definitely want one of these. Keeps all of your electronics (your DN lifeline) charged.

Aux cord — Long road trip essential for bumping tunes.

Surf Gear (optional ;)

LenzO captures epic underwater photos.

Travel Bag (size up to fit clothes/things inside)

LenZo Camera Case — This thing is rad!!! A must grab if you want to take great underwater pics with your iPhone in complete safety.

Wetsuit top

Smaller surf backpack — get one that has storage for wetsuit/wet boardies.

Surf multi-tool

Ding repair

Surf Ears — Ear infections are the woooooooorst! Epic way to combat weeks (or longer if you can’t keep out of the water) of this lingering, pain-in-the-ass infection.


Some extra plane goodies will keep you comfortable during the most uncomfortable part of your travels.

Combination lock

TSA lock

Pacsafe — You’ll inevitably find yourself in some sketchy hostels/hotels. This thing gives you a little extra protection by making your essentials like phone, computer etc. extra hard to steal. Robbers want ease of theft they’ll go after your roomies easy grab first.

Portable water bottle

Travel pillow — I go inflatable as it keeps packing light.

2 carabiners

Leatherman multi-tool

1 dry bag

If you prefer spreadsheets here’s a link to a Google Sheet of everything listed. Also, if there’s anything you never leave home without please list it in the comments below!

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